This is it!  Conscious Relationships…I’m ready now…

15 Principles Of New Paradigm Relating

• Happiness is Irrelevant – Be Free To Embody Your Courageous Self
• Your Only Need Should Be – Am I Growing?
• Your Wounded Feelings are Your Responsibility
• You are Never Upset for the Reasons You Think You Are
• Control Does Not Belong In The New Paradigm
• New Paradigm Relationships Require 100 % Conscious Awareness and Contribution From Both People
• Create Balance: Physical, Sexual, Emotional, Mental and Soulful Stimulation/Relaxation
• Transparent Communication. No Secrets, Lies Or Half Truths
• Make Requests Never Demand
• Make Your Partner More Important Than Your Past
• You Are Free. Your Partner Is Free
• You Are Trustworthy. Your Partner is Trustworthy
• Take A Quantum Step Beyond Your Ancestral Wounds In Relationship
• Never Repeat Your Parents Shortcomings
• Always Hang In There, If Your Partner Is Just As Committed – It Will Pass

Anaiya Sophia


Painting by: Robby Donaghey