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RECLAIM YOUR FEMININE POWER IN 5 WEEKS! – Series begins February 7th, 2014

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RECLAIM YOUR FEMININE POWER IN 5 WEEKS!  Begins Friday February 7th, 2014

Welcome to the new Year!  Celebrate the beginning of a new era of consciousness birthing within YOU in 2014.   Is it time to permanently change your perspective?
What better way to do this than with your sisters in a beautiful wash of feminine shakti!

Inhale the beauty, mystery and love of the Divine Feminine as you learn to belly dance from the inside out.  Activating your shakti energy you will experience dancing from a place of pleasure, sweetness and inspiration.

Are you ready to own the ravishing, intoxicating, sacred beauty that you actually are…and live your life with pleasure as your guiding force?
This Series of 5 workshops combine to unlock the mystery & awaken the divine feminine within you through sacred healing dance.
1) February 7th – SEXUALITY:  Learn to Embody the Divine Feminine through Tantric Belly dancing.
2) February 14th – POWER:  Single on Valentine’s Day?  Join your sisters tonight to feel a new sense of POWER – the power of standing in the deepest truth of your feminine instinctive self.
3) February 21st – LOVE:  Discover a new way to engage your feminine sensitivity to navigate in the world.
4) February 28th – BEAUTY:  Feel your beauty!  Enjoy the allure of the goddess, the siren or mermaid. The Masculine really is drawn to a woman’s energy field, and when it is shining, all he wants to do is sit in that field.
5) March 7th – Mystical Connection to the Goddess:  Experience the Archetypal energies you have worked on creating over the month in a beautiful temple space we create together.  You will be initiated to your PRIESTESS!
INVESTMENT:  $125 for all 5 workshops.  You are welcome to come to any single workshop.  Although an immersion is recommended, you do not have to attend the whole series to enjoy and benefit from one or more workshops.
WHERE:   The Love Dome, 200 Lincoln Blvd., Venice, California 90291  (Opposite Wholefoods Venice i block north of Rose ave on the East side of the street)
WHEN:     7.30PM – 10PM
PARKING:  Street Parking.  Lincoln Blvd. or side streets
Heal old wounds, overcome fear, embrace sensuality and sexuality.
Bask in the radiance of your beauty in an emotionally safe space.
Feel sexy and ALIVE in your body.
Feel an incredible sweetness you did not know you had.
Be deeply empowered and yet fully compassionate.
Break through any stagnation you might be feeling.
Create a profound and joyful shift in your way of seeing …

BENEFITS of this practice:
Learn to receive: graciously accept compliments, have more attractive energy.
Notice how men (or predominantly masculine identified people) rush to assist and admire you wherever you go, and women feel emotionally safe with you. 
Let your heart and spirit sing together when your sexuality is ignited … allowing the flow of shakti in your body and energy field to radiate.

These ancient but simple techniques of movement in community beckon to us from our distant past – from our feminine lineage of sacred temple dancing. In pre -christian times, humans accessed higher vibrations and created a portal to the dimensions of spirit by women dancing and sounding in a group in a sacred place. This raised their vibrations in unison. The men honored and assisted this process. Our bodies remember this! and we just need to be reminded, by bypassing the mind and diving into the movements with a new found awareness.

THIS IS FOR YOU IF…You want to Reclaim your Feminine Power!   Are you, or your friends curious about what Tantric Bellydance is?   How do you get that GLOW that some magical women around you have?  Come and find out on Friday!

XOXO Josie


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Happy dancers from The First Tantric Belly dance Troupe performance January 25th!  These ladies are all students from the 2013 workshops, who committed to the rite of passage that is public performance – taking being Witnessed to a whole new level.  We all slimmed down our middles as we up-leveled our belly dance skill.  Stay tuned for the blog link with how it all happened!

Moving Into Grace – Sacred Dance Show January 25th, 2014


Celebrate the beginning of a new era of consciousness birthing within YOU in 2014.

Inhale the beauty, mystery and love of the Divine Feminine as you watch dances designed to uplift, inspire and bless you with unconditional love.
This show is part of an emerging new form of performance where we inspire you… and you inspire us.  Enjoy beautiful, sensual performances by local women and watch them invoke and embody the Goddess.  Be transported by belly dancers into the realm of Shakti – divine feminine energy.   If you choose to, spiral dance with us and set your intentions for the coming year.
And, this night is set to delight, with all that inspiration leading to an Ecstatic Dance Party right after the performance!
Merge with the wild beauty of womens’ sacred dance where the past and future dissolve and leave us in the NOW,where all intentions are empowered to manifest.
Feel the sparkle of the show ignite YOUR sacred expression.
Stay and play with us afterwards!
WHEN:    7PM   Show     9PM   Dance Party
Saturday January 25th, 2014
2306 Hyperion Avenue, Silverlake, CA 90027
TICKETS: $25 – Early Bird price through January 15th
$35 – Available through 23rd
$40 – At the Door

Buy tickets by clicking here

All proceeds go to: Critical Mass Dance Company   www.CriticalMassDanceCompany.ORG
See you on January 25th!


Dances Presented by:

E. Sophia Kozak – Artistic Director of Critical Mass Dance Company
Elena Sophia Kozak has studied many forms of dance, including ballet, modern, salsa as well as flow, circus and aerial arts. Sophia’s experience as a Reiki healer, 10-year career as a community organizer, mixed cultural heritage and family’s immigrant history inform her creative expression as creator of Dance from the Heart and director of Critical Mass Dance Company (CMDC).

CMDC is a Los Angeles based dance collective that presents works of multi-media dance theater to inspire social change, uplift the spirit, and ignite the human imagination. In the last few years, CMDC has created two full-length works called Love Movement and Collective Metamorphosis, which have been presented in Los Angeles venues including Studio A Theater, Electric Lodge, Art Theatre of Long Beach, and Son of Semele Theater.  CMDC’s new work called AmaTerra is about awakening human consciousness and remembering our role in preserving our precious planet.

Ariel Lange – Artistic Director of Ariel Lange Dance Company

Ariel Lange started out as a professional ballerina who traveled around the world performing and dancing with such stars as Mikhail Baryshinikov and the American Dance Movement.  She danced with many top artists of her day including Alvin Ailey and Lar Lubovitch.  As a singer and dancer, Ariel has performed in musicals both on and off Broadway.  Her ethnic professional performance credits include dancing with Ketut Suarni of Bali, Abdoulaye Camara of Guinea, West Africa, Shalini Chauhan of India, and Lavinia Williams of Haiti among others.  As Director of her own dance companies, most recently Nupoor Spiritual Dance Company, she has kept alive the joy and spirit of movement and song that bring happiness to people. Her choreography has been featured in World Music and Art Festivals as well as benefit performances to help underserved youth and to keep arts in the schools.  Find out more about Ariel at

Josie Keys – Tantric Belly dance teacher and Dancer

Josie holds workshops in the US and Australia on Reclaiming Your Feminine Power. She leads women to discover their hidden gifts and activates their Shakti – the feminine essence of the divine contained in our female bodies – through the practice of Tantric Belly dancing.  Finding her Shakti was a life transforming experience into self-love.  Connecting deeply with her body and her sensitivity, she discovered her deep feminine self and then began to share that wisdom.

She has been on a consistent spiritual path for 20 years, studying yoga, astrology, ecstatic dance and Tantric dance for women, becoming a teacher in 2006.  She is an artist too, with a long career as a commercial photographer informing her current Goddess painting and graphic design (she designed the artwork for ‘Moving into Grace’)

Josie understands deep dark nights of the soul, and the heights of ecstasy. Knowing that there is a pulsating force that can be awoken through our bodies she shares with us how to feel every moment through our divine feminine selves, and how we can turn every moment into its full aliveness.  For more info, click here

Lisa Luma – Temple Dancer, Yogini and Producer of Moving into Grace

Lisa offers dance as a soulful prayer in motion to a variety of spiritual music, from classic kirtan chants to contemporary songs.She is the founder of TerraLuma Sacred Arts, which offers movement as a form of sacred energy work in the tradition of temple dance, TerraLuma movement opens soul connection, serving as a portal to spiritual experience for both performer and audience.

This dance is strongly influenced by the spontaneous ecstatic movements of 5 Rhythms and The Tantric Dance of Feminine Power ®. In addition, Lisa’s movement is influenced by a variety of central dance styles. Her decades of dance have included: training at the Joffrey Ballet School, as well as experience in jazz, modern, improv and partnered social styles like salsa. Lisa’s spiritual connection has been amplified through over ten years of training and practice as a Reiki Master, Yoga Teacher, Theta Practitioner and Healing Minister.

Lisa’s creative expression has been called “mesmerizing,” “inspiring,” and “subtle yet powerful.” She has shared TerraLuma movement in a variety of contexts, from social events to spiritual ritual. At the 2013 inaugural Goddess Spirit Rising conference in Malibu, she danced solo and directed a group for the main concert’s opening dance performance.

Find out more about Lisa and her offerings at

Lori Hops – Temple Dancer

Temple dancer and spiritual chair for Moving into Grace, licensed psychologist, Reiki master.

DJ – Heather Ehlers.

For more info about Heather, please click here

Moving Into Grace flier designed by JosieKeys©2013