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Introductory Workshop at MBA Venice

Take your beauty UP to a whole new Level at MBA’s First Tantric Belly Dance Workshop!  

What is Tantric Belly Dance?  

Living your life as an extraordinary tale. Each thing in life, from this place, becomes the sacred sensual…. But how do we do this?  When we have to work, pay our bills, drive the kids around and still somehow find time to stay fit?  It feels impossible sometimes to be able to relax and enjoy life.
There is a way and it is fun and simple.  We access our feminine power!  And Tantric Belly Dance is a sexy, fun way to get there.  It is a practice of generating kundalini within our bodies, and then letting that energy inspire our movements.  Then our dance naturally expands our energy field and leaves us feeling free and beautiful.   Any woman can do it, of any fitness level.


belly-dance-art-1-2What to expect

• Loosen up your hips and lower back
• Learn Simple belly dance moves
• Enhance your joyfulness through dancing
• Increase your appreciation for your own feminine nature
• Feel your connection to the Earth
• Feel the sensuality of your body


WHEN:  Sunday July 19th 2015
TIME: 12pm- 3pm
* Enjoy a free cold pressed juice at the event, as well receive a $50 gift certificate towards one of our many new facials!
122 Lincoln Blvd. Suite 104,Venice, 90291
COST: $125

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Josie performing at 'Moving into Grace - Dances of the Divine Feminine', 2014

Josie performing at ‘Moving into Grace – Dances of the Divine Feminine’, 2014

Josie is a shamanic dancer, weaver of dreams, and deep diver into the psyche of the body. She was initiiated by a Tantric Priest in 1999, has studied Tantric Belly Dance for 16 years, Astrology for 30, collected intuitive tarot reading along the way, and now works with the powerful Awakening Divine Feminine within and without.
She hails originally from Australia and has been on a profound journey towards the self for 20 years in her beloved California.








Lightning in a Bottle adventure 2015

Tantric Belly Dance at the Lightning in a Bottle Festival, 2015

11295862_10152910903785885_5795732284986331035_nThe Temple of Consciousness invited me back to teach my Tantric‬ Belly dance workshop at the Lightning in a Bottle Festival again this year.  This time I taught about hundred people, none of whom had been to one of my classes before!  Most were under 30 yrs old and some of them were men.  It was the first morning of the Festival so everyone was still fairly normal.  But then, that all changed when we had a blast together!  The workshop got them in their bodies dancing, smiling and in a high vibration space….

11351262_10152912887350885_6425788903446532003_nSee how the men became the stars of the workshop below…

Extra time at the workshop  gave us a rare treat.  After a communication mix up… thank you Mercury retrograde… I ended up with an extra 10 minutes to fill.   Intuitively I had a sense to have the last witness dance for the MEN in the room. They were so powerful and into it, that the women present had to jump up and dance with them.  They blew us all away.  See a short Iphone VIDEO snippet here….

After that everyone looked at me in disbelief…we had raised the roof!  Then we sat and set intentions together to make beautiful heart aligned connections all weekend.  And I suspect they did.

The workshop is mentioned in Wild Spice Mag:














and then I performed too!

Tantric Belly Dance and DJ Dragon Fly at the ‘Temple Of Consciousness’

JKDJDI was paired up with well loved DJ, DJ Dragonfly.  It was a cool challenge to dance Tantric Belly Dance moves to deep thumpy bass music, intertwined with middle eastern sounds.  I counterpointed the strong drums with lyrical snakey moves.
Meditating before the set helped me with Stagefright.  Once I was out on stage though, it was fun an easy :).  And doing Tantric Breathing while performing made the performance very intuitive and full of shakti (feminine presence).

I met a fellow dancer at a gatheiring  a week later and she thanked me for being the highlight of her plant medicine journey that night!

More about Lightning in a bottle on their facebook page here.
















Summer Solstice Tantric Belly Dance Immersion

On this special day blessed by the Goddess with her full POWER, join this advanced course:
ENGAGE deeply into your body, your emotions and your desires.
ACTIVATE your radiance allowing the goddess to call you into the source of who you are.
AWAKEN the Feminine, through breath and dance.
QUANTUM LEAP your embodiment to a new level, jump timelines.
INTEGRATE the energies of Solstice into your being with a special technique for inner Union of The Divine Masculine with the Divine Feminine.

12pm -4pm  
Sunday 21st June

BeEnergy Center

Suite 211 ~ 213
22030 Clarendon Street
Woodland Hills, 91367
Cash, check or credit
Space is limited to 12 women.
RSVP and book your  place using Paypal Link below


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