Intuitive Astrology readings with Josie Keys


What does your chart say about you and your prospects in LOVE?  What does your PARTNER’S chart say about him or her?  What is the secret key to their heart?  An Astrology chart reading can reveal this and more!
Are you curious about Astrological readings?  Are you fan of Astrology already, and you have had your chart read many times?
Where ever you are on the spectrum of astrological understanding, I can help you gain wisdom and understanding by giving you a unique perspective about the issues in your life. You don’t need to understand the terms to to gain insight into your partner…I translate it for you.
Do you want to find those answers that have been eluding you…? I specialize in Relationship Synastry and Spiritual destiny this lifetime.
I am an Australian who transplanted to Los Angeles 20 years ago.  I have been and astrologer for 15 years, and have become a love expert over the last 10.  Riding the ups and downs of dating, love, sex and loss, as I searched for my soul mate made me very practiced in the art of relationship.   I have spent many hours with Dr Pat Allen (Author of “Getting to ‘I Do’ “) on my own relationships, and use her work in my Astrology counseling sessions.  I do astrology readings for my clients with a specialty in Relationship synastry and Life Purpose.  I specialize in helping love partners understand each other, and how to navigate each other’s wants and needs in Sex and Love.  This often reveals my clients blind spots, helping  them to love themselves more deeply and be better partners to their mates.
Go deeper into your spiritual understanding as it shows up in your destiny this lifetime.  I am an astrologer with 20 years of experience under my (jingly) belt, and would love to read your chart!
If you are a 1st time Customer, you get $15 off your reading.   Email here to book you time
60 minute Natal Astrology reading: $85
90 minute Synastry or Natal plus Transit reading:  $135
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‘Josie’s reading was incredibly accurate about my boyfriend and me.  It really helped me to understand him and why he was so hot and cold.  Our relationship is way better now as I get how to respond to him.  I recommend a reading to anyone have love difficulties’.  – Taylor , Entertainer, Los Angeles

‘Dear Josie.  Thank you so much for your sweet advice.  I am feeling so much better about he direction of my life, since we talked.  You deep insights were a surprise at first but they really resonated afterwards.  Thank you so much!’ –  Ashley, Mom and small business owner, Ohio

‘Wow, I have to tell that my husband relay brightened up after you counselled him on what it is like to be and Aries.  Its like ytou gave him permission to just be the ideas man.  He gets so overwhelmed with the details, that he gets paralyzed.  Now that he has the sens that he does not have to do that stuff  and he can have a ‘henchman’ as you put it, he is all smiles and inspiration again.  Its awesome.  You should be doing this for everyone! – Dena, Mom and therapist, Los Angeles