Sacred Exploration


Living your life as an extraordinary tale.
Each thing in life,
from this place,
becomes the sacred sensual …


When you see form, look!
Similarly, listen to sounds,
Inhale scents,
Taste delicious flavors,
And feel textures.

~The Chanda Maharoshana Tantra


Tantra is the Key-word:
The Key to these affirmations.

Tantra questions everything:
Tantra believes everything too.
That is the irony of this projection.

If Maya is a magic veil,
Tantra seeks the magician behind
the veil, also the magic veil.

To Tantra, the world is a perfect sign language-scattered
symbols eternally reconstructing Shiva.

The most complex minds have
laboriously unearthed the simple minded
theorems of Tantra.

Be suspicious of Tantra:
But Tantra is no fool’s paradise.

~Tantra | Aphorisms Of Elucidations by Narayanan Raghunathan, India


God is sexy, God is alive…if you think for one second that Divinity is boring…you haven’t known the feel of God in the body, coursing through your cells, bringing you alive in delicious, radiant, mystical erotic bliss. Yes, my God is a sexy, hot, steamy God. And for that, I am grateful

Sacred Emergence of God, Sex and Love, the trilogy. The fusion of the erotic life force brings a radiance and suppleness and an ease-full grace to the nature of Love….the mystical brings an expansive, empty, allowing. The birthing of The Great Mystery in the body, a cellular awakening of God in the Body. When you understand how to awaken God in the body, you become an alchemical vessel for the birth of Love in the real.

The true nature of Love is inconceivable….it would blow your mind. It can be experienced in consciousness. It can be lived in the cells of the body.

~ Anakha Coman |