Tantric Belly Dance Workshop

Embody the Divine Feminine for the Eclipse this weekend 

WHEN: 7.30pm- 10.30pm Friday 10th August, 2018
WHERE: Private home in Venice California.  Address sent with RSVP

There is a common thread that unites all of us. It is our desire to be immersed in unconditional living love. For the feminine, there are catalysts that spark this rise up. It is often her desire for beauty, comfort, safety and sensuality that takes her there, to that place where she feels full of love and passion, she feels full, happy, and open.
There is a practice that I know, and when a woman does it, without fail, she opens up that mystical doorway. Sacred Tantric Dance is the practice. I have been sharing it now since 2012 on the West Coast USA and East Coast of Australia, and I see it work every time. It is an honor and pleasure to share it. I see transformation into beauty and happiness in real time as each women blossoms in her own way.
Through the practice of Sacred Tantric Dance, we shift the old paradigm of the shut down disconnected feminine, and ground into our bodies the empowered, fertile expressions of the Goddess, and become beautiful manifestations of life force in human form.
Its is possible to make a Quantum leap NOW into the ravishing, intoxicating, sacred beauty that you are.  
During this pre-eclipse time, moving your kundalini energy through your physical and energetic channels will help align you with the incoming frequencies of light. 
The third and final eclipse in the trio is in Leo and is exact at 2.45am Saturday 11th August PDT.
Friday Night, in preparation for the the Eclipse and during this Lion’s gate portal, we gather in the Temple in the name of the Isis
to receive her blessing. 
This exquisite experience of refined feminine beauty and transmission is a special gift you can give yourself. 

Limited to 10 women.  Reserve your spot by going to PayPal now



More info on Tantric Dance here: http://tantricalchemy.com/index/tantric-dance
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