Sacred Union PaintingTantric Alchemy took ‘Sacred Union – Sacred Sexuality and Love’ to Byron Bay Spirit Fest then Brisbane Australia in March and April!  I am in awe of the courageous souls who came out to play in a new deeply vulnerable intimate place.  We had a very sweet and deep experience together.  Everyone loved it.  The photographs say it all  🙂



Byron Spirit Festival

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Inna Bliss Yoga Studio Wynnum, QLD : link to event

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Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 1.56.55 AMValentine’s Day is coming and the energy of love is in the air!
In honor of romance, love and intimacy, I am offering my first 4hr workshop in Los Angeles!  ‘Sacred Union – Sacred Sexuality and Love’ will allow you to explore the Divine Sweetness of the Beloved, within and without.
‘Sacred Union – Sacred Sexuality and Love’ is a workshop where you individually, or you and your partner, learn to experience more passion, commitment and full-hearted love…bringing forth from your humanness those beautiful aspects of spirit, the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine.
Learn the the ancient practice of Tantric Breathing.   Experience how to prepare your partner and yourself for Tantric Connection before intimacy.  See how your deep connection with another creates a radiant energy field.
This afternoon event is a beautiful way to dip your toes into the deeper realms of love, in the week before Valentine’s Day.
No experience necessary

What to Expect:

Deepen your level of intimate connection to yourself and your partner
Experience Yourself  as the embodiment of the Divine Feminine
Be witnessed by your partner as beautifu,l sacred and divine
Learn how to reveal your vulnerability and feel more comfortable with your sensuality.
Experience your partner as totally present and holding a safe container for you


Deepen your level of intimate connection to yourself and to your partnerman symbol
Experience Yourself as the Divine Masculine, reflected back to you by your partner
Be in alignment with your purpose in life
Experience your ability to be fully present in the moment
Feel how your presence allows your partner’s to fully trust you so she flowers in your arms
**No nudity or sexual touching, there will be some sensuality.**
*ALL PARTICIPANTS please RSVP by February 5th.*
What a wonderful gift to give to yourself or your beloved in preparation for this coming Valentine’s Day~!


WHEN: Saturday 7th February, 2015
TIME:    12pm – 5pm
INVESTMENT:  $75 per person or $140 per couple.  Cash, check or credit card accepted
WHERE: Be the Change Energy Center
Suite 211 – 213
22030 Clarendon Street
Woodland Hills, CA 91367


Singles: $75    Please use the ‘Buy Now’ button below it will take you to Paypal, where you can use your credit card or Paypal account.



Couples: $140   Please use the ‘Buy Now’ button below it will take you to Paypal, where you can use your credit card or Paypal account.




If you have a specific question or want to know more, feel free to send me an email at and I’ll reply or we can set up a time to chat on the phone.

Josie Performing at "Moving Into Grace - Dances of the Divine Feminine" - 2014

Josie Performing at “Moving Into Grace – Dances of the Divine Feminine” – 2014

Josie  is a shamanic dancer, weaver of dreams, and deep diver into the psyche of the body.  She was initiated by a Tantric Priest in 1999, has studied Tantric Belly Dance for 16 years, Astrology for 30, collected intuitive tarot reading along the way, and now works with the powerful Awakening Divine Feminine within and without.  She has a profound love for Sacred Union of the Masculine and Feminine, as she feels that a true balance and mutual respect between Men and Women is where humanity needs it deepest healing.  Fresh from a nine month ‘Carriers of the Flame’ training with Anaiya Sophia, she is ready to bring Men and Women together in her teaching of Divine togetherness.
She hails originally from Australia and continues to be on a profound journey towards the self for  in her beloved California.


15 Principles Of New Paradigm Relating

This is it!  Conscious Relationships…I’m ready now…

15 Principles Of New Paradigm Relating

• Happiness is Irrelevant – Be Free To Embody Your Courageous Self
• Your Only Need Should Be – Am I Growing?
• Your Wounded Feelings are Your Responsibility
• You are Never Upset for the Reasons You Think You Are
• Control Does Not Belong In The New Paradigm
• New Paradigm Relationships Require 100 % Conscious Awareness and Contribution From Both People
• Create Balance: Physical, Sexual, Emotional, Mental and Soulful Stimulation/Relaxation
• Transparent Communication. No Secrets, Lies Or Half Truths
• Make Requests Never Demand
• Make Your Partner More Important Than Your Past
• You Are Free. Your Partner Is Free
• You Are Trustworthy. Your Partner is Trustworthy
• Take A Quantum Step Beyond Your Ancestral Wounds In Relationship
• Never Repeat Your Parents Shortcomings
• Always Hang In There, If Your Partner Is Just As Committed – It Will Pass

Anaiya Sophia


Painting by: Robby Donaghey