Tantric Belly Dance Series – October 2015

Four Week Workshop Series in Woodland Hills

Are you hearing the call…or feeling a persistent nudging inside ?

Are you ready to awaken the Divine Feminine within you…?

Tantric Belly dance - Burning Man 2015

Tantric Belly dance workshop- Burning Man 2015

Join this Four week series to re-tune your feminine energy and subtle energy bodies to the higher
frequencies of light now available to us. We really can embody the Divine Feminine on the Earth, here and now. On October 13th come and experience how, through ancient practice of Tantric Belly Dance as taught by Josie Keys.  Let your heart and spirit sing together when your sexuality is ignited …allowing the flow of shakti in your body and energy field to radiate as you move through life!
This Series of four workshops combine to unlock the mystery & awaken the divine feminine within you through sacred healing dance.  The series runs one night a week for four weeks – immersing you in Shakti for the entire month.
You may drop into one or more classes or sign up for the whole series on the first night!  No experience necessary.  Sorry guys, women only.
Week 1  May 26th   SEXUALITY
Week 2  June 2nd   POWER
Week 3  June 9th    LOVE
Week 4 June 16th   BEAUTY

What to Expect

• An increased appreciation for your own feminine nature
• Enhance your joyfulness through Simple Belly Dance techniques
• A grounded connection to the Earth
• Animals, trees and plants will feel like friends
• Access your true power and sweet feminine energy
• Feel the sensuality of your body
• Transform into your True Beautiful Radiant
Goddess Self


WHEN: Tuesdays in October, 2015
TIME:    7.30pm- 10pm
INVESTMENT:  $40 per workshop or $144 for all four workshops.  Cash, check or credit card accepted
WHERE: Be the Change Energy Center
Suite 211 ~ 213
22030 Clarendon Street
Woodland Hills, CA 91367


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  The full description is on this website:

If you have a specific question or want to know more, feel free to send me an email at and we’ll set up a time to chat on the phone.

Josie Performing at "Moving Into Grace - Dances of the Divine Feminine" - 2014

Josie Performing at “Moving Into Grace – Dances of the Divine Feminine” – 2014

Josie  is a shamanic dancer, weaver of dreams, and deep diver into the psyche of the body.  She was initiated by a Tantric Priest in 1999, has studied Tantric Belly Dance for 16 years, Astrology for 30, collected intuitive tarot reading along the way, and now works with the powerful Awakening Divine Feminine within and without.
She hails originally from Australia and has been on a profound journey towards the self for 20 years in her beloved California.






Sacred Union PaintingTantric Alchemy took ‘Sacred Union – Sacred Sexuality and Love’ to Byron Bay Spirit Fest then Brisbane Australia in March and April!  I am in awe of the courageous souls who came out to play in a new deeply vulnerable intimate place.  We had a very sweet and deep experience together.  Everyone loved it.  The photographs say it all  🙂



Byron Spirit Festival

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Inna Bliss Yoga Studio Wynnum, QLD : link to event

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Lighting in a Bottle 2014 Adventure!


Josie (on right) hip shaking with a sweet workshop dancer

Lighting in a Bottle 2014 Adventure!

The Temple of Consciousness at the Lightning in a Bottle Festival asked me to teach my class as part of their movement repertoire, and I jumped in enthusiastically.  However I had to adapt it to the environment!  It was in the open air, 97 degrees, daytime, included men, and I had a sprained ankle (from a night time run in with the rough terrain) and included 60 people!
It was an exciting challenge and I so enjoyed filling up those shiny expectant faces with wisdom and fun.  We had a blast, and the brave ladies who did a solo dance in a circle of 60 witnesses were totally transformed.



Beginning Belly Dance instruction for the whole group


Seeing how moved they were, and how they touched and galvanised the rest of the circle showed me that this practice works, even in a less than comfy temple space.  The men who stayed the course had a great time, and were happily respectful.  Everyone was so excited by the end that the whole group got down to Bassnectar’s Snakecharmer to prepare them for a night dancing with the headliners Beats Antique.

More festivals to come!