Intense eclipse Season: October & November 2013

Are you feeling this intense Eclipse time?  You are not alone.
We are in between a Lunar Eclipse (Oct 18) and a Solar Eclipse (Nov 3) right now. Throughout history, eclipses have been considered to be very powerful phenomena. See below for more info and a special Eclipse astrological chart reading price!

During this potent time of the year, the nights gets longer and we start to turn inside and seek our inner light.


Eclipses occur when the Sun, Moon, and Earth come into a straight line. With a Solar Eclipse, the Moon casts a shadow upon the Sun as the Moon passes directly between the Earth and Sun. The Moon eventually becomes contained within the Sun’s disk and, with a Total Solar Eclipse, there’s a narrow rim of sunlight that is visible around the Moon during the totality of the eclipse.

An eclipse always means that some amount of change is due, or sometimes overdue. If one has neglected matters, then an eclipse may bring a sort of crisis in order to turn things around and bring things back into a healthier balance.   Or an eclipse may open new doors and present major life-changing opportunities.

When an eclipse aligns closely with one of your planets, the significance of the eclipse for you is intensified. The closer the eclipse aligns with your natal planet, the more important it is.

In the outside world and in our personal lives, an eclipse is a dynamic transit that often coincides with important developments. It contains a stimulating and excitable energy that is sometimes a bit destabilizing.  Activity often increases shortly following an eclipse (or even prior to the eclipse, in some cases). This is why it’s recommended to hold off on making major life altering changes or decisions around the time of an eclipse. The atmospheric energy needs a little time to settle out. That way your new plan, project, or strategy has a better chance of stabilizing and working out in your favor.

Everyone feels the stimulation of an eclipse to some degree. For some it is subtle, while for others it can be quite intense. It can be enlightening to simply observe the things going on around you at eclipse time. Sometimes a relatively small incident gives clues to issues that will take on more importance in the months to come.
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