15 Principles Of New Paradigm Relating

This is it!  Conscious Relationships…I’m ready now…

15 Principles Of New Paradigm Relating

• Happiness is Irrelevant – Be Free To Embody Your Courageous Self
• Your Only Need Should Be – Am I Growing?
• Your Wounded Feelings are Your Responsibility
• You are Never Upset for the Reasons You Think You Are
• Control Does Not Belong In The New Paradigm
• New Paradigm Relationships Require 100 % Conscious Awareness and Contribution From Both People
• Create Balance: Physical, Sexual, Emotional, Mental and Soulful Stimulation/Relaxation
• Transparent Communication. No Secrets, Lies Or Half Truths
• Make Requests Never Demand
• Make Your Partner More Important Than Your Past
• You Are Free. Your Partner Is Free
• You Are Trustworthy. Your Partner is Trustworthy
• Take A Quantum Step Beyond Your Ancestral Wounds In Relationship
• Never Repeat Your Parents Shortcomings
• Always Hang In There, If Your Partner Is Just As Committed – It Will Pass

Anaiya Sophia


Painting by: Robby Donaghey

RECLAIM YOUR FEMININE POWER IN 5 WEEKS! Completes this Friday October 18th on the Full Moon Eclipse!

Newsletter for New workshop series!! here
newsletterImageRECLAIM YOUR FEMININE POWER IN 5 WEEKS!  Begins Friday Sept. 20th on the FALL EQUINOX

Are you ready to own the ravishing, intoxicating, sacred beauty that you actually are…and live your life with pleasure as your guiding force?

This Series of 5 workshops combine to unlock the mystery & awaken the divine feminine within you through sacred healing dance.

*You are welcome to come to a separate workshops.  Although an immersion is recommended, you do not have to attend the whole series to enjoy and benefit from one or more.

1) September 20th – SEXUALITY:  Learn to Embody the Divine Feminine through Tantric Belly dancing.
2) September 27th – POWER:  Feel a new sense of POWER, not power ‘over’ but the power of standing in your deepest truth.
3) October 4th – LOVE:  Discover a new way to engage your feminine sensitivity to navigate in the world.
4) October 11th – BEAUTY:  Feel your beauty!  Enjoy the allure of the goddess, the siren or mermaid. The Masculine really is drawn to a woman’s energy field, and when it is shining, all he wants to do is sit in that field.
5) October 18th – Mystical Connection to the Goddess:  Experience the Full Moon energies on October 18th in a beautiful temple space in a private home with your new sisters for a luscious celebration.  Goddess refreshments will be served!  Chai and snacks.

INVESTMENT:  $125 for all 5 workshops, or $30 per separate workshop.  You are welcome to come to a single workshop.  Although an immersion is recommended, you do not have to attend the whole series to enjoy and benefit from one workshop.
WHERE:   Week 5  is at a private home.  Please email for address.
WHEN:     7.30PM – 10.30PM    ** optional makeup fun 7 -7.30pm  fairy face painting !**
PARKING:  Street Parking.

Heal old wounds, overcome fear, embrace sensuality and sexuality.
Bask in the radiance of your beauty in an emotionally safe space.
Feel sexy and ALIVE in your body.
Feel an incredible sweetness you did not know you had.
Be deeply empowered and yet fully compassionate.
Break through any stagnation you might be feeling.
Create a profound and joyful shift in your way of seeing …

THIS IS FOR YOU IF…You want to Reclaim your Feminine Power!  Are you (or would your friends be) curious about what Tantric Bellydance is?   How do you get that GLOW that some magical women around you have?  Come and find out this Friday!

XOXO Josie

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If you have a specific question or want to know more, feel free to send me an email at and we’ll set up a time to chat on the phone.

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The Red and White Moon Cycles

In our “fast paced” life style women’s period cycles have gone haywire. What is the importance of menstruating with the new moon?

A woman who is healthy on every level (physical, emotional, sexual, mental and soulful) will naturally menstruate on the New Moon or Full Moon. The White Moon cycle is a menstrual cycle that bleeds during the New Moon, whereas the Red Moon cycle is one that bleeds during the Full Moon. Many women’s cycles tend to be either a White Moon cycle, a Red Moon cycle, or a Transition cycle where the cycle is moving from one orientation to the other.

The White Moon Cycle according to legend, mystical arts and yogic philosophy is the most preferred cycle for inner work as a woman is naturally pulling her energy in, and able to utilise her vast rich resources for the expansion of consciousness. The White Moon will be linking with her Emotional, Mental and Soulful energies.

The Red Moon Cycle is one where the natural tendency of the woman will flow externally, outwards into her community and circle.  Here is a cycle where the woman is giving her rich resources, and inner, alone time will be at a minimum. The Red Moon will be linking with her Physical and Sexual energies.

To orientate your cycles towards the White Moon, consciously link your womb to the moon in meditation, prayer, journey work and ritual.  Ask for your womb to align with the White Moon Cycle, consciously linking your awareness to bleed on the next New Moon.  It is in fact very simple and easy to do this.

~Anaiya Sophia

Lightning in a Bottle 2013 report: ♥

LIB was… too too HOT. seriously. dancing daytime was kinda impossible and everyone kept falling asleep in the talks.  Yet it was AMAZING.  I drew an energy portrait in a workshop with Alex and Alyson Grey!  And listened to an amazing Trance channel Bashar as he enchanted, entertained and RAISED the vibration of at least the 500 people sitting there.

Meditating at the nature shrine on the beach was beautiful. It was a poetic offering to nature and spirit.

I managed to dance off the hook and have a peak experience TWICE in 48hrs, which is a record. The days were hotter than hot and I could barely move, so the nights were on. We rocked out.

The FIRST peak was Saturday night… randomly came across Rusko from the UK.  He played the most high energy fun set I think I have every heard.  Drum and bass mostly with him singing and talking over the mike too.  He leapt around the stage waving his arms in the air the whole 2 hr set. Only bringing them down to twiddle his DJ dials.  Soooooo good.

Collective effervescence.

The SECOND and even better peak was Phutureprimitive on Sunday night. He was AMAZING. The crowd were high as high and he was full of love, and it was soooo wild and exciting. I did not expect such a high energy set from him, but MAN did he rock it. I danced my butt off even more and actually had a kundalini rising experience on the dance floor!!  I channeled all my belly dance high vibe, nature love whatever the hell fairy realm sexed up energy, right down through my crown chakra and my body into the earth, and then back out my head, hands and heart. When that happened I went somewhere amazing, becoming totally ecstatic, and the other realms I connected with were pouring out wild love and energy through my body and energy field. Random hugs, synchronistic meetings with my camp-mates and the whole dance floor was me and I was them and we just flew.

nuff said? awesome experience.  Magic…

UPDATE:  live video from the show:


girl_magicThe secret of a powerful woman is that she is fully alive to her loving, devotional, emotional and psychic abilities. She is fluid like water, and is therefore able to accept change easily. Going with the flow is the way of yin.