~ Womb Temple

With delight she’s discovering a new ‘home’ in her body ~ her Womb Temple.

She’s reclaiming her sanctuary that was in ruins for so long. She is cleaning and clearing her sullied sacred space, breathing into it, meditating & chanting here.
She’s discovering the dance of the womb.
She’s tapping into amazing levels of creativity & joy.
She’s finding here a teacher & guide that is far superior to the one she’s known. Living from here feels most familiar ~ it feels like home.
She is loving the richness of this mystical, magical, juicy haven.
She’s deepening her trust in this font.

The more regularly she visits her shrine, the more saturated she is with her own brand of wisdom. There’s something magnetic about her today.

She is Holy ground.
Sukhvinder Sircar

Photo: from Esercizi sessuali taoisti