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Tantric Belly Dance Home Salon

SACRED DANCE – Embody the Goddess

Through the practice of Sacred Tantric Dance, shift the old paradigm of the shut down disconnected feminine, and ground into your body the empowered, fertile expressions of the God/Goddess, experiencing yourself as a beautiful manifestations of life force in human form.
This home salon unlocks the mystery & awakens the Divine Feminine within you. Do you want to embody the Divine Feminine on the Earth, here and now?
You can! Feel how, through the ancient practice of Tantric Belly Dance taught by Josie Keys.
Get your beauty back, activate your pleasure zone and feel newly empowered with Feminine energy. And have FUN doing it!

What to expect

• Intimate, shared experience with your close friends
• An increased appreciation for your own feminine nature • Feel joy while dancing Simple Belly Dance techniques
• Feel the sensuality of your body and a grounded connection to the Earth
• Transform into your True Beautiful Radiant Goddess Self !

How does it Work?

• TIME 2.5-3hrs Depending on numbers. Daytime or evening
• INVESTMENT $50 per person (Host is Free) 5 -12 women.
• WHERE – Your living room or garden.
• MUSIC will be part of event.
• Women only.
“Josie’s Tantric belly dance has been instrumental in my personal expansion and transformation of consciousness. She is such a natural teacher/healer with a relaxed style and special gift for putting everyone at ease. She creates a sacred, safe place for women to become vulnerable and open. She is gentle, nurturing and deeply compassionate. A true embodiment of the divine feminine, she has helped me discover and honor the divine beauty within myself.” Dena L, Los Angeles small business owner and Mom
EMAIL: Josie@TantricALchemy.com or call 310.570.5214 for further details