Josie (on right) hip shaking with a sweet workshop dancer

Lighting in a Bottle 2014 Adventure!

The Temple of Consciousness at the Lightning in a Bottle Festival asked me to teach my class as part of their movement repertoire, and I jumped in enthusiastically.  However I had to adapt it to the environment!  It was in the open air, 97 degrees, daytime, included men, and I had a sprained ankle (from a night time run in with the rough terrain) and included 60 people!
It was an exciting challenge and I so enjoyed filling up those shiny expectant faces with wisdom and fun.  We had a blast, and the brave ladies who did a solo dance in a circle of 60 witnesses were totally transformed.



Beginning Belly Dance instruction for the whole group


Seeing how moved they were, and how they touched and galvanised the rest of the circle showed me that this practice works, even in a less than comfy temple space.  The men who stayed the course had a great time, and were happily respectful.  Everyone was so excited by the end that the whole group got down to Bassnectar’s Snakecharmer to prepare them for a night dancing with the headliners Beats Antique.

More festivals to come!

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