About Josie & ‘Tantric Alchemy’ – a Holy Yearning

Josie’s workshops in the US and Australia on ‘Reclaiming Your Feminine Power’ lead women to discover their hidden gifts and activates their Shakti – the feminine essence of the divine contained in our female bodies.
Finding her Shakti was a life transforming experience into self-love. Born to atheist intellectuals in Australia, she felt like a misfit her whole early life. Science and logic were the gods in her family, leaving her at 27 to be a double BA with honors after her name but completely disconnected from her body, and thus, as she discovered later, her deep feminine self.
Not realizing it was all contained within, she would look to her love relationships to fill the ache she felt… so yearned for deep love with another.  The desire for deep union that was not fulfilled got so great that it pushed her onto a spiritual path that led her to realize that sacred union with the self was the deep connection she had been seeking.  Sacred Union with another is only possible when one has an INNER sacred marriage.  Loving her feminine essence through embracing her sexuality and beauty was the gateway to understanding her true self, and this she shares with us.
Josie understands deep dark nights of the soul, and the heights of ecstasy.  Knowing that there is a pulsating force that can be awoken through our bodies she shares with us how to feel every moment through our divine feminine selves, and how we can turn every moment into its full aliveness.
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Teacher of the dance and a lineage holder 2006- present.

‘Carrier of the Flame’ – Initiate of Anaiya Sophia’s teaching on Hieros Gamos – the Sacred Marriage. 2014 – 2015

Student of Suzanne Shakti Copeland 1999- 2006,

Initiated by Sri Param Eswaran into the energy of the Serpent 1999.

Student of Amma 1999 – present.

Devotee of Neem Keroli Baba

Participant at and fan of ‘The Goddess Temple of Orange County’

Josie is a committed spiritual seeker and devotee of the Divine Mother in her seen and unseen forms.