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RECLAIM YOUR FEMININE POWER IN 5 WEEKS!  Begins next Friday November 1st
Are you feeling this intense Eclipse time?  You are not alone.
We are in between a Lunar Eclipse (Oct 18) and a Solar Eclipse (Nov 3) right now. Throughout history, eclipses have been considered to be very powerful phenomena. See blog for more info and a special Eclipse astrological chart reading price!
During this potent time of the year, the nights gets longer and we start to turn inside and seek our inner light.  What better way to do this than with your sisters in a beautiful wash of feminine shakti!
Are you ready to own the ravishing, intoxicating, sacred beauty that you actually are…and live your life with pleasure as your guiding force?
This Series of 5 workshops combine to unlock the mystery & awaken the divine feminine within you through sacred healing dance.
1) November 1st – SEXUALITY:  Learn to Embody the Divine Feminine through Tantric Belly dancing.
2) November 8th – POWER:  Feel a new sense of POWER, not power ‘over’ but the power of standing in your deepest truth.
3) November 15th – LOVE:  Discover a new way to engage your feminine sensitivity to navigate in the world.
4) November 22nd – BEAUTY:  Feel your beauty!  Enjoy the allure of the goddess, the siren or mermaid. The Masculine really is drawn to a woman’s energy field, and when it is shining, all he wants to do is sit in that field.
5) December 6th – Mystical Connection to the Goddess:  Experience the Archetypal energies you have worked on creating over the month in a beautiful temple space we create together.  You will be initiated to your PRIESTESS!
**I invite you to wear all white… or all black, as part of our PRIESTESS ritual.**
INVESTMENT:  $125 for all 5 workshops, or $30 per separate workshop.  You are welcome to come to any single workshop.  Although an immersion is recommended, you do not have to attend the whole series to enjoy and benefit from one or more workshops.
WHERE:   The Love Dome, 200 Lincoln Blvd., Venice, California 90291  (Opposite Wholefoods Venice i block north of Rose ave on the East side of the street)
WHEN:     7.30PM – 10PM
PARKING:  Street Parking.  Lincoln Blvd. or side streets
Heal old wounds, overcome fear, embrace sensuality and sexuality.
Bask in the radiance of your beauty in an emotionally safe space.
Feel sexy and ALIVE in your body.
Feel an incredible sweetness you did not know you had.
Be deeply empowered and yet fully compassionate.
Break through any stagnation you might be feeling.
Create a profound and joyful shift in your way of seeing …
BENEFITS of this practice:
Learn to receive: graciously accept compliments, have more attractive energy.
Notice how men (or predominantly masculine identified people) rush to assist and admire you wherever you go, and women feel emotionally safe with you. 
Let your heart and spirit sing together when your sexuality is ignited … allowing the flow of shakti in your body and energy field to radiate.
These ancient but simple techniques of movement in community beckon to us from our distant past – from our feminine lineage of sacred temple dancing. In pre -christian times, humans accessed higher vibrations and created a portal to the dimensions of spirit by women dancing and sounding in a group in a sacred place. This raised their vibrations in unison. The men honored and assisted this process. Our bodies remember this! and we just need to be reminded, by bypassing the mind and diving into the movements with a new found awareness.

THIS IS FOR YOU IF…You want to Reclaim your Feminine Power!   Are you, or your friends curious about what Tantric Bellydance is?   How do you get that GLOW that some magical women around you have?  Come and find out on Friday!

XOXO Josie

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Happy dancers from our September/October series!