Links We Love

These are a few sites I love, and visit regularly…

Where do I buy my clothes?

Fairy, sexy, hip, original, beautiful!

The original and best dance pants.. yes THOSE pants

For daily encouragement of pleasure and desire

Beloved Anaiya, who expresses the Sophia aspect of the goddess.  See her site for workshops in France that include visits to Mary Magdalene’s cave.

My favorite Facebook badass.  Need some hope?  Feeling feisty? Check out her page.

The astounding ‘Anna – Voices of the Magdalenes’ books

A farmer who awakened to spirit through his connection to nature.  A profound teacher of mine.  His books are amazing.  And autobiographical.  A great example of an an awakened man who is very masculine.

Heavenly electronic raunchy music.  The best from the West Coast underground scene. Inspired.  ethereal. gutteral.

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