On this special day blessed by the Goddess with her full POWER, join this advanced course:
ENGAGE deeply into your body, your emotions and your desires.
ACTIVATE your radiance allowing the goddess to call you into the source of who you are.
AWAKEN the Feminine, through breath and dance.
QUANTUM LEAP your embodiment to a new level, jump timelines.
INTEGRATE the energies of Solstice into your being with a special technique for inner Union of The Divine Masculine with the Divine Feminine.

12pm -4pm  
Sunday 21st June

BeEnergy Center

Suite 211 ~ 213
22030 Clarendon Street
Woodland Hills, 91367
Cash, check or credit
Space is limited to 12 women.
RSVP and book your  place using Paypal Link below

or  EMAIL:Josie@TantricAlchemy.com

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