Tantric Belly Dance  – One Month to Embodying the Divine Feminine!  Series starts July 9th, 2014
Welcome to the glow of Midsummer!
Inhale the beauty, mystery and love of the Divine Feminine as you learn to belly dance from the inside out.  Experience dancing from a place of pleasure, sweetness and inspiration as you activating your natural shakti (feminine) energy.
Do you want to feel an incredible sweetness you did not know you had?   Feel deeply empowered and yet fully compassionate? Break through any stagnation you might be feeling?
Join your sisters as we explore what the feminine rites of dancing in a group can mean for us on a deep level. 
We travel on our wonderful Summer journey of deepening into the feminine this July!  Plants seeds of remembrance,  blossom into the fullness of the of our life giving Sun.
This series of 4 classes is designed to unlock the mystery & awaken the divine feminine within you through the rites of this sacred healing dance. We will be delving deeper into the natural power and healing energy contained in our wombs during this series.
Once initiated into the practice of Tantric Dance, the world looks very different. You will feel a deeply grounded
connection to the earth through increased appreciation for your own feminine nature. When you feel beautiful, grounded and heart opened, then your bond to Mother Earth and all living things expands exponentially.  Animals and even trees and plants feel like friends. Nature moves you on a far deeper level than you previously thought you could contain!
Let your heart and spirit sing together when your sexuality is ignitedallowing the flow of shakti in your body and energy field to radiate.
This 4 week series will bring you into alignment with your divine feminine essence.  Are you ready to own the ravishing, intoxicating, sacred beauty that you actually are…and live your life with pleasure as your guiding force?
This Series of 4 workshops combine to unlock the mystery & awaken the divine feminine within you through sacred healing dance.
1) July 9th – SEXUALITY:  Learn to Embody the Divine Feminine through Tantric Belly dancing.
2) July 16th – POWER:   Join your sisters tonight to feel a new sense of POWER – the power of standing in the deepest truth of your feminine instinctive self.
3) July 23rd – LOVE:  Discover a new way to engage your feminine sensitivity to navigate in the world.
4) July 30th – BEAUTY:  Feel your beauty!  Enjoy the allure of the goddess, the siren or mermaid. The Masculine (of any gender) really is drawn to a feminine energy field, and when it is shining, all he wants to do is sit in that field.  Feel you magnetism…
INVESTMENT:  $35/workshop or a 15% discount if you buy the whole month in advance – so $120 for all 4 workshops.  You are welcome to come to any single workshop.  Although an immersion is recommended, you do not have to attend the whole series to enjoy and benefit from one or more workshops.
WHERE:   The Love Dome, 200 Lincoln Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90291
WHEN:     Wednesdays in July  – 7.30PM – 10PM
Heal old wounds, overcome fear, embrace sensuality and sexuality.
Bask in the radiance of your beauty in an emotionally safe space.
Feel sexy and ALIVE in your body.
Feel an incredible sweetness you did not know you had.
Be deeply empowered and yet fully compassionate.
Break through any stagnation you might be feeling.
Create a profound and joyful shift in your way of seeing …

BENEFITS of this practice:
Learn to receive: graciously accept compliments, have more attractive energy.
Notice how men (or predominantly masculine identified people) rush to assist and admire you wherever you go, and women feel emotionally safe with you.
Let your heart and spirit sing together when your sexuality is ignited … allowing the flow of shakti in your body and energy field to radiate.

These ancient but simple techniques of movement in community beckon to us from our distant past – from our feminine lineage of sacred temple dancing. In pre -christian times, humans accessed higher vibrations and created a portal to the dimensions of spirit by women dancing and sounding in a group in a sacred place. This raised their vibrations in unison. The men honored and assisted this process. Our bodies remember this! and we just need to be reminded, by bypassing the mind and diving into the movements with a new found awareness.

THIS IS FOR YOU IF…You want to Reclaim your Feminine Power…  Are you, or your friends curious about what Tantric Bellydance is?   How do you get that GLOW that some magical women around you have?  Come and find out!


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  The full description is on this website: http://tantricalchemy.com/index/tantric-dance

If you have a specific question or want to know more, feel free to send me an email at Josie@TantricAlchemy.com and we’ll set up a time to chat on the phone.

XOXO Josie


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