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Reclaim Your Feminine Power FREE intro night – September 13th 2013.

Hello lovely ladies, new and old friends…

I am writing to you after a hot and heart-ful Bhaktifest, where I gradually relaxed into the ‘Bhav’, which means – I learned at Bhaktifest – ‘loving devotional vibe’.   However, according to the Karma Sutra it means something else (revealed later in this newsletter).   I have been a busy bee this summer, engaging in a 3 month Goddess Manifestation Group,  Amma’s teaching, a brilliant romance, a quest back to my self, and… drum roll, a website about my Reclaim your Feminine Power in 5 weeks!  workshop series’ ….see more



Lightning in a Bottle 2013 report: ♥

LIB was… too too HOT. seriously. dancing daytime was kinda impossible and everyone kept falling asleep in the talks.  Yet it was AMAZING.  I drew an energy portrait in a workshop with Alex and Alyson Grey!  And listened to an amazing Trance channel Bashar as he enchanted, entertained and RAISED the vibration of at least the 500 people sitting there.

Meditating at the nature shrine on the beach was beautiful. It was a poetic offering to nature and spirit.

I managed to dance off the hook and have a peak experience TWICE in 48hrs, which is a record. The days were hotter than hot and I could barely move, so the nights were on. We rocked out.

The FIRST peak was Saturday night… randomly came across Rusko from the UK.  He played the most high energy fun set I think I have every heard.  Drum and bass mostly with him singing and talking over the mike too.  He leapt around the stage waving his arms in the air the whole 2 hr set. Only bringing them down to twiddle his DJ dials.  Soooooo good.

Collective effervescence.

The SECOND and even better peak was Phutureprimitive on Sunday night. He was AMAZING. The crowd were high as high and he was full of love, and it was soooo wild and exciting. I did not expect such a high energy set from him, but MAN did he rock it. I danced my butt off even more and actually had a kundalini rising experience on the dance floor!!  I channeled all my belly dance high vibe, nature love whatever the hell fairy realm sexed up energy, right down through my crown chakra and my body into the earth, and then back out my head, hands and heart. When that happened I went somewhere amazing, becoming totally ecstatic, and the other realms I connected with were pouring out wild love and energy through my body and energy field. Random hugs, synchronistic meetings with my camp-mates and the whole dance floor was me and I was them and we just flew.

nuff said? awesome experience.  Magic…

UPDATE:  live video from the show: