What is Sacred Union?


Painting by Android Jones

Do you have a deep yearning in your heart to meet the Beloved? Do you have a romantic feeling about the words Sacred Union? Do you want to engage with the magical energy of Divine Relationship?  ‘Sacred Union – Sacred Sexuality and Love’ is for Singles and Couples.

Sacred Union is holy, beautiful and profound. The search for the Beloved, sometimes called a Twin Flame, starts in our own being, integrating the energy of the Healed Masculine with the Healed Feminine.  This IS possible, personally and collectively. First we must embrace the Beloved within us, experiencing the marriage our own inner masculine and feminine.  Through this wonderful alchemy of the union of opposites, we find ourselves connected to the Divine within and without, experiencing all life as Holy.
Then, we become ready to bring in our Divine Soulmate.


– Connect intimately to your true warrior self

–  Increase your sexual vitality and potency.

–  Be in alignment with your purpose in life.

–  Experience your ability to be fully present.

–  Feel how your presence allows your partner to fully trust, so she unfolds in your arms



– Connect intimately to your own feeling center

– Be witnessed by your partner as beautiful and divine

– Learn how to reveal your vulnerability and feel more comfortable with your sensuality.

– Experience your partner as totally present and holding a safe container for you.