Tantric Alchemy


The collective energy of Humanity is awakening now to a beautiful new balance of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine within. The paradigm of conquest, conquer and acquisition is drawing to a close, and we are needed to birth a new way.

My offering is part of this change.  I wish for all my sisters to realize how unique, valuable and beautiful they are just because they are women.  Its a bold statement and it is true: women who feel pleasure and love heal the planet. When we become happy and joyful and have little need to control outcomes, it liberates us and those around us from egoic manipulations.
As women we have forgotten how sacred we are. All women hold within them these sacred Goddess & High Priestess codes that are waiting to be activated. If you allow yourselves to fully surrender, you will embody these codes.  It is so important at this time in humanity that all women should allow themselves to reclaim all parts of themselves so we can all live a life full of purpose, abundance, joy and pleasure.
Let there be a death of the old paradigm self and a rebirth into your true authentic self, inspired by divine love.
You are a hot, sexy, delicious woman of the world whose job is to show up as your extraordinary, goddess self.   May your reservoir be filled with so much love that your path is strewn with flowers of joy.



Tantric Belly Dance Workshops

Are you hearing the call…or feeling a persistent nudging inside? 


Josie performing at ‘Moving into Grace – Dances of the Divine Feminine’ 2014

Are you ready to awaken the Divine Feminine within you…?

Will you step into your birthright and be the Modern GODDESS you were born to be?

The Divine Feminine is arising on the earth plane and it is occurring through our bodies, our emotions and our desires.  Can you feel the quickening?  The Goddess – the Divine Mother – is showing her radiant face everywhere, calling us back to the source of who we are.
The way is simple, and it resides in every woman
All we really need to do to awaken the goddess inside us, is breathe and dance in a directed way. One effective and permanent way to embody the Divine Feminine is through the ancient art of Tantric Belly Dance.
And you can learn it too!
Click here to Awaken your Divine Feminine Power at a Tantric Belly Dance Workshop!
Once initiated into the practice of Tantric Belly Dance, your ‘shakti’ (feminine energy) is activated and the world looks very different.  The absolute best thing about ‘shakti’, is that every woman has it!  It is contained within our deepest instincts.
Benefits of Tantric Belly Dance include:
  • Cultivating sensuality and femininity
  • Having fun and feeling good about and in your body!
  • Expressing your unique dance in a safe and supportive  environment
  • Strengthening the mind body connection and creating new pathways to sensation, awareness, and ecstasy!
  • it works with any fitness level, at any age


Sacred Union – Sacred Sexuality and Love

Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 1.06.49 PMMy newest offering is called Sacred Union and includes our

beloved Spiritual Warrior Men.

The men in an awakened woman’s life are blessed by her happy nature, strong aura and move naturally toward honoring her.  He becomes a still point of power in his own life and a safe and sacred container for her, and all of life.
Sacred Union workshops are happening in the LA area and at local and international festivals. Workshop info is here.   And recent photos from a workshop here.  Men, if you want to, please feel free to write to me at josie@tantricalchemy.com with any requests about what you would like to learn and experience.
I wish for all my brothers – that the sun shines brightly in your chest and your sense of who you are grows in love and purpose – that you open up to your vast, true strength as a noble, gentle, present man – a warrior brother, a brave loving knight for women, and a steward of children, animals and the planet.  When you are the modern Jedi you were born to be, on purpose and in right relationship to yourself, you become that great partner in love and that treasure to humanity we are yearning for.
You are a strong, sexy, trustworthy man of the world whose job is to show up as your extraordinary, divine self.   May your reservoir be filled with so much love that your purpose is clear and manifested.

In a Sacred Union Workshop, you will:

Deepen your level of intimate connection to yourself and your partner
Experience Yourself  as the embodiment of the Divine Feminine or Masculine
Be witnessed by your partner as beautiful sacred and divine
Learn how to reveal your vulnerability and feel more comfortable with your sensuality.



If you would like to learn more about Tantra, Dance, Sacred Union and Feminine Empowerment,
please email Josie@TantricAlchemy.com