Tantric Alchemy

The collective energy of Humanity is awakening now to a beautiful new balance of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine within and without. The paradigm of conquest, conquer and acquisition is drawing to a close, and we are needed to birth a new way, a way that honors the sacredness of all life.
We have been called for such a time as this...
I wish for all my sisters to realize how unique, valuable and beautiful they are just because they are women.  Its a bold statement and it is true: women who feel pleasure and love heal the planet. When we become happy and joyful and have little need to control outcomes, it liberates us and those around us from egoic manipulations.
As women we have forgotten how sacred we are. All women hold within them these sacred Goddess & High Priestess codes that are waiting to be activated. If you allow yourselves to fully surrender, you will embody these codes.  It is so important at this time in humanity that all women should allow themselves to reclaim all parts of themselves so we can all live a life full of purpose, abundance, joy and pleasure.
Let there be a death of the old paradigm self and a rebirth into your true authentic self, inspired by divine love.
You are a hot, sexy, delicious woman of the world whose job is to show up as your extraordinary, goddess self.   May your reservoir be filled with so much love that your path is strewn with flowers of joy.

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Tuesday June 20th, 2017

Rise like lionesses after slumber...

~ Embody the Divine Feminine ~ & share Her

There is a common thread that unites all of us. It is our desire for love. And there are catalysts that we choose to spark that desire. For the feminine, it is often her desire for beauty, comfort, safety and sensuality that takes her there, to that place where she feels full of love and passion, she feels full, happy, and open.
In today’s world it is unfortunate that we don’t feel this very often, unless we take a huge step back from reality as we know it.
I have a deep commitment to bringing this lost connection back. There is a practice that I know, and when a woman does it, without fail, she opens up that mystical doorway. Sacred Tantric Dance is the practice. I have been sharing it now since 2012 on the West Coast USA and East Coast of Australia, and I see it work every time. It is an honor and pleasure to share it. I see transformation into beauty and happiness in real time. Each women is unique and blossoms in her own way.
This Summer Solstice is exact at 9.24pm Tuesday 20th June. Join our ceremony that night as we ride a powerful wave into the first day of Summer and its Solar energy Come and co-create the Temple in a circle of sisters and absorb these powerful Galactic Energies through our practice of Sacred Dance.
I have been feeling that it is time to welcome some men into the Temple space, like some of us involved with the Divine Union of the Masculine and Feminine. Some men are ready, and the world is ready to birth the New Man. However, it takes an invitation from the Divine Feminine to be the catalyst. So in honor of reuniting the Masculine and Feminine we will create a ceremony for the last part of the workshop.
For the last 30 minutes, right after the Solstice point, partners or chosen male friends are welcomed into the Temple space to join the women. They are asked to bring a single red rose to give to their partner. This is optional, you do not have to invite anyone. As the energies of the Sacred Masculine and Feminine are reunited in a new way in this month of June, perhaps we can open the gateway to the Great Mother together.
Its time to own the ravishing, intoxicating, sacred beauty that you are.
Through the practice of Sacred Tantric Dance, we shift the old paradigm of the shut down disconnected feminine, and ground into our bodies, the empowered, fertile expressions of the Goddess, and become beautiful manifestations of life force in human form. ~ and then we share it ~  as it has been written, so shall it be.
more info on Tantric Dance here:
WHERE: Soul Nest Studio 2236 26th St Santa Monica CA 90405
WHEN: 7.00 -10.00pm Tuesday June 20th FEE: $40
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Sacred Union - Sacred Sexuality and Love

Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 1.06.49 PMMy newest offering is called Sacred Union and includes our beloved Spiritual Warrior Men.
The men in an awakened woman's life are blessed by her happy nature, strong aura and move naturally toward honoring her.  He becomes a still point of power in his own life and a safe and sacred container for her, and all of life.
I wish for all my brothers - that the sun shines brightly in your chest and your sense of who you are grows in love and purpose - that you open up to your vast, true strength as a noble, gentle, present man - a warrior brother, a brave loving knight for women, and a steward of children, animals and the planet.  When you are the modern Jedi you were born to be, on purpose and in right relationship to yourself, you become that great partner in love and that treasure to humanity we are yearning for.
You are a strong, sexy, trustworthy man of the world whose job is to show up as your extraordinary, divine self.   May your reservoir be filled with so much love that your purpose is clear and manifested.
We are here to join our love with our sexuality, and so to reach our god selves within. Then we can truly love one another and all life, and turn this big leaking ship around. Does this thrill you? Then you are in the right place. Welcome!
The search for the Beloved - sometimes called a Twin Flame - starts in our own being, with the inner marriage of the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine.
Sacred ritual in sexuality allows us to experience the spiritual power of love and sex combined.
The natural flow of love from the Feminine meets the transcendent presence of the Masculine, and we find ourselves connected to the Divine within and without, experiencing all life as Holy.
If you would like to learn more about Sacred Union and Feminine Empowerment,
please email Josie@TantricAlchemy.com