Sacred Union

A  ‘Sacred Union’ private is a one on one 2 hr session where I bring the workshop techniques and transmission to you  as a couple.  We work with bringing the archetypes and energies of the Divine Masculine and Feminine into your earthly experience so that you can expand into more love and sexuality in your relationship.  
Especially through conscious lovemaking, this beautiful way of connecting to our own divine aspect can be reached.  Some would call this Tantra, some would call it a close and happy relationship where the Woman in cherished deeply for her gifts and the Man is respected profoundly for his gifts.  A new level of sweet surrender is reached when the spiritual is engaged as part of the act of lovemaking.  Both partners can initially find this challenging, but with some loving guidance, a new level of love, trust and bonded intimacy occurs, allowing the relationship to blossom!
There is more sensual intimacy, sexual satisfaction and more connection to the spiritual aspect of union between people.
One on One sessions are a space where I direct you separately and together, on the Tantric techniques I know, and insights into your personal situation.  What I bring to a session, on a deeper level, is that underneath what I share, is the energy of Mary Magdalene and Yeshua and their connection to the Temple of Isis, whose lineage I feel deeply inside, and the Twin Flame codes that they catalysed, that are anchoring in our collective experience at present. 
COST: $200 for a single session
$450 for 3 (paid at first session)
No refunds, one reschedule per session allowed
In special circumstances,  I will work with Singles.  Please inquire by email